Thank You for Holding

Thank You For Holding Cover2

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Anyway, the world ended, but right before that, someone placed a call to a customer service center, and, as was usually the case, a robot answered the phone. That was, I don’t know, a hundred years ago? A million? Somewhere in between? At some point, the robot lost count, but it checks in with the long-dead caller from time to time, spinning records and occasionally joining in with a flute solo. Because what’s a poor robot to do between the end of the world and the inevitable collapse of its circuitry and whatnot?

“The opening track, ‘My Head,’ is amazing. The tune is catchy and reminds me of a chill summer day.” — James Revels III, AudioSexxx

“With Thank You for Holding, intrepid time traveler and future-cultures anthropologist M. Zapatero delivers a groundbreaking field recording from a world populated solely by a lone robot and his rapidly deteriorating catalog of easy-listening music. By turns haunting and hilarious, this document does what few others have done, hinting not only at where the species is going, but how we’re going to get there.” –Dmitri Dmitri, Moody Blue: The Journal of Future Past

“If you can imagine Frank Zappa getting stuck on an elevator with Philip K. Dick, you’re halfway to Thank You for Holding. Add some Sergio Mendes and Burt Bacharach for good measure, and you’re more or less there.” –Penelope Grande, The Song Remains Insane

“I apologize profusely.” –Marc Schuster, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

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