What I Do When I’m Not Writing (Cow Study #7)

The good news is that my writing is going pretty well this summer. Since returning from my trip abroad, I’ve been pretty good about sitting down every morning and working on my next book. After a few hours, though, the word-generating part of my brain starts to flag, so to keep busy (and creative), I’ve been painting. Last summer’s obsession was leaf-pressings and an anthropomorphic portrait of my dog. This summer, I’ve been focusing on cows. Here’s the latest:

Cow Study #7

I’m pretty happy with it, though I did play around with it a bit in Photoshop to produce this:

Cow Study #7A

In any case, the main reason I’ve gotten into painting is to have fun with it. Of course, writing is still fun, too, but there’s a “business” side to it. With painting, it’s all for fun. Unless, that is, someone wants to buy this one.

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