Studies in Black and Red

My writing is moving along slowly but (kind of) surely, but I took the morning off to scan the following paintings. They’re from a series of about 35 I did in early May. As you’ll notice, I was trying to keep things minimal. Mainly, I was just experimenting with some ideas I had for a couple of larger pieces that I painted later.

Circles, Squares, Spirals

For this first group, I was experimenting with different ways of applying paint. For the circles, I used the end of a cardboard tube. For the squares, it was a lampshade from a tiny lamp; I eventually made a larger version of “Squares 1” with the wider end of the lampshade. For the spirals, I dipped the cardboard from a roll of masking tape in paint and spun it on the paper.

"Foxtail" (acrylic on paper)

"Circles 2" (acrylic on paper)

"Squares 1" (acrylic on paper)

"Squares 2" (acrylic on paper)

"Spinning 1" (acrylic on paper)

"Spinning 2" (acrylic on paper)

"Spinning in Red and Black" (acrylic on paper)

The Bigger Version of Squares

It’s hard to tell on this screen, but this version of the squares painting is actually a lot bigger than the others. The rest of the paintings in this post are about 12″ x 9″, but this one is closer to 40″ x 30″. I’d like to try a larger version of the spinning paintings, but I’m not sure what to spin. Maybe I can coat a hula hoop with paint and see if that works.

"Squares" (acrylic on canvas)


For these two, I applied the paint with a sponge. I did the one with the circles early on in the series; the one with the black line came towards the end.

"Bird with Circles" (acrylic on paper)

"Bird" (acrylic on paper)

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