Three Paintings

The commission: paint something for the blank space above the fireplace. Here are three studies…

19 thoughts on “Three Paintings

  1. All three are very nice (I never knew you painted btw). There is a wonderful, abstract softness to each of these pieces, yet with enough realism that the central focuses (or is it foci?) is still identifiable–which for me and my wife is our agreed upon favorite style. I’ll have to see if you have more posted.

  2. I like all three but my favorite is #2 because it has more contrast. I have not painted in so long, I think you have inspired me to do so.

  3. I have to admit I really like the third painting. There is something about leaves when they turn colors in the fall. Takes me back to memories of a feild of trees near my parents home where the entire forest turned so red that it looked like it was on fire at sunrise. Truly breath taking.

    Thanks for sharing your work.

  4. I particularly like the second… Seems somehow youthful and optimistic, particularly between the others.

    Have you ever made pizza, music, prose and/or paintings all at once?? Talk about multi-talented. I wonder if not watching TV contributes… 😉

  5. I love how everyone seems to have a very different reason for preferring whichever choice they’ve gone with. I’m torn between the first and third examples, but for some reason they both remind me of Narnia. The colors and soft focus make it easy for me to fall into the paintings, and go beyond the trees (in my mind, Narnia looks a bit like Sicily, so the distance is mountainous, with just a hint of salty ocean air). Go with your gut – I’m sure whichever version you choose, you’ll still be able to imbue it with the same touch of magic.

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