To Do…

My initial plan for today was to post a video of last night’s reading at Rosemont College per H. Conrad Miller’s request, but I spent so much time getting establishing shots of the beautiful old mansion where the reading was being held that the camera’s battery died thirty seconds into my piece. So in lieu of Plan A, here’s Plan B — another comic strip from a few years back:


21 thoughts on “To Do…

  1. There will always be next time for the video. Thanks for thinking to do it though. And I would love to see the pictures. The ideas I can get from pictures of old buildings!

    Love the comic strips. This one makes me remember how bad my handwriting was in high school when I took notes. Might be why I never studied for tests from my notes… That explains so much.

  2. This is amazing. As an obsessive list-maker with really bad handwriting I can completely relate. And can I admit that I just added a task to today’s to-do list for the explicit purpose of being able to cross it off? I may have to share this…

  3. OMG !!! … I thought I was the ONLY listophiliac on the planet … butt knot sew !!! … I too put things on my lists that I have already completed so that I can have the delightful joy of crossing them off … Marc, I LOVE the comic … it IS me !!! … aisle bee shore two weight two sea watt udders right !!! … Chef Arturo-meals unlike those served in the best restaurants

  4. haha!! i laughed out loud. this is also one of my little obsessions that i try to hide. but, usually fail at as the scraps of paper with my to do lists fall out of my pocket or planner…

  5. I love lists. Everyday I make a to-do list. It’s a rare day I don’t move something to the following day. But it makes me feel like each day was put to good use. 🙂

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