More from Pete’s Mail Bag

Still working under the twin handicaps of being a dog and no longer being with us, Pete continues to receive mail! Here’s some of the latest:

Having done yard work all weekend, I can say with relative certainty that Pete needs more help recovering than my lawn does.

Again, proof (if ever proof was needed) that Pete was a classy dog! Perhaps this explains why he showed up in so many classic works of art…

Above: The Many Moods of Pete


5 thoughts on “More from Pete’s Mail Bag

  1. Aw Pete sounded wonderful. Though I do hope his credit card bill does not arrive with tons spent at an estate sale. 🙂

  2. Sorry for the loss of Pete. We lost our black lab to bone cancer years ago…but I still think of him a lot. My favorite little buddy. Though he stopped by once, a couple summers ago (a real Twilight Zone moment…), and that was très cool, he never received his own mail.

    Maybe this is PETE’S way of stopping by to say “Hi”….

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