Alan Poindexter was in my ENG 101 class a couple of semesters ago. He’s the kind of student who makes me proud to be a community college professor.

Big News

by Alana J. Mauger

U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Montgomery County Community College student Alan M. Poindexter Jr., of Philadelphia, is among an elite group of students in the country to earn the 2012 Newman Civic Fellow Award from Campus Compact.

Newman Fellows are student leaders, who, through service research and advocacy, seek to find the root causes of social issues to create effective solutions. By sharing ideas and tools through social networking, Poindexter and his peers will leverage an even greater capacity for service and change and will continue to serve as examples for their classmates and communities.

As a former Marine, Poindexter possesses a natural instinct for leadership. Before sustaining a brain injury in 2009 during a tour of duty in Afghanistan, he envisioned a lifelong career in the military. While readjusting to civilian life has been a challenge, Poindexter is redirecting his focus to educating others about…

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