Thanks to Curt Smith & Prime Number!

Big thanks to Curt Smith for his glowing review of The Grievers in Prime Number: A Journal of Distinctive Poetry and Prose. The piece also includes an interview in which I opine on various topics including whether or not a heat gun is a power tool.

7 thoughts on “Thanks to Curt Smith & Prime Number!

  1. Love the review, love the interview! I think it cool how many different perspectives can be applied to anything…like all the different “takes” on a single book. Everyone applying their own POV to, in this case, The Grievers. I find it fascinating. Once again, outstanding job, Marc–and great review and interview Curt Smith!

    • I agree… It’s fun to see these different perspectives on the book. I suppose we all bring our own stories to the stories we read.

    • Actually (and tragically), we did have to hang signs that read “Everything’s 33 Cents!” throughout the store. Of course, I was tempted to make my own signs that read, “Just take it.”

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