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The Grievers by Mark Schuster. Publisher: The Permanent Press (May 2012). Literary fiction. Hardcover. 176 pages. 978-1-57962-263-3.

. . . my life has been marked by short, random bursts of inspiration and activity, followed by extended periods of coasting, disenchantment, boredom, lethargy, and eventually, surrender.

Fairly quickly into Mark Schuster’s debut novel, The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom & Party Girl, I became enamored of Schuster’s dark humor, wit and stellar usage of the written word. His second novel, The Grievers, while dealing with completely different subject matter—a suicide—contains the edginess and writing skills that made me both envy and admire this young author. In his first novel, Schuster satirized soccer moms. In The Grievers, he tackles wayward twenty-something’s.

When a former classmate kills himself, a group of friends begins to analyze their own lives and their connection to their downtrodden classmate. Charley Schwartz agrees…

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