How to Tell a Griever from a Griever

Apparently I’m not the only author with Grievers on the brain. Unbeknownst to me–at least while I was writing The Grievers–fantasy author James Dashner was creating his own Grievers, a race of slug-like creatures with metal appendages that appear in his 2009 novel The Maze Runner. In order to spare readers any confusion that might result from this coincidence, I’ve prepared a handy chart:

Artist’s rendering of Dashner’s Griever:
The Griever by ~Gubblyn on deviantART

Artist’s Rendering of Schuster’s Griever:

Artist's rendering of Schuster's Griever


  • Both Grievers are green. This can be very confusing, especially at night.
  • Both have a tendency to wander. However, while one Griever wanders through a literal maze, the other wanders back and forth on a lawn in front of a bank and through a metaphorical maze of existential angst.

Also keep in mind that if the Griever in question meets the following criteria, you are likely reading Dashner’s book:

  • It’s in a book that other people (beside yourself) are reading, have read, or might conceivably read.
  • It’s in a book that’s being made into a movie.
  • It has metallic appendages.

But if the Griever in question meets these criteria, you are likely reading my book:

  • It’s in a book that a select audience consisting only of yourself is reading.
  • It’s struggling to complete a doctoral dissertation.
  • It’s lying in mud.
  • It’s holding a balloon.
  • Small children are kicking it with their soccer cleats.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

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  1. It’s funny how ideas bloom and then throw pollen in the wind. Suddenly, everyone loves orange or everyone decides to go to Bali. You must be very sensitive to the literary innovation blossom. (BTW, yours sounds much more interesting, hands-down.)

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