Here’s an interesting article on cover design by Lon Kirschner, the artist who designed the cover for The Grievers.

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In the Fall of 1991, I received a phone call in response to a promotional mailing I had sent to publishers advertising my studio’s book jacket designs. The promotion was unique in that it was quite small, only 3 ½ by 5 inches and arrived in a hand-addressed envelope. This gave it the look and feel of a personal invitation, not another mailer from an art studio.

As I write this in 2012, printed mailings and telephone inquiries seem quaint but were a very human way to make contact with a prospective client. Someone had to take the time to open the envelope, hold something in their hand, read some copy and then, if you did it right, make a phone call and have a conversation. Aside from the conversation, this is much the same way a well-designed book jacket should work. Something sparks your interest, you pick it up…

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  1. Wow. Thanks for this, Marc! This is exactly what I have been thinking about lately. In my enthusiasm, I left comments on the original post instead of here. Was is challenging for you, an artist, to let someone else have creative control over the cover like that?

    • It was a little difficult at first. I had my own ideas bout the book cover, and Lon had a couple of other ideas that he suggested before we settled on the final version. Like you, I’m especially impressed with the fact that he reads every manuscript in its entirety before designing a cover.

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