Stranger Than Fiction?

A friend of mine just alerted me to a Craigslist Help Wanted ad for a “Giant Burrito Man or Woman.” The ad reads, “NEED 1 PERSON TO DRESS UP AS GIANT BURRITO, RUN AROUND THROWING BURRITOS AT BUILDINGS, OTHER PEOPLE, ETC. WE PROVIDE THE BURRITO COSTUME AND THE BURRITOS, BUT THIS IS AN UNPAID INTERNSHIP.” Additionally, the internship is described as “a great learning experience for those interested in burrito marketing.” I’ll just have to remember this the next time someone tells me that Charley Schwartz’s job as a giant dollar sign in The Grievers is a little over the top. At least Charley got paid — and he didn’t have to throw burritos at anyone! I only wish the ad included a photo of the costume.

If anyone spots the Giant Burrito Man — or any other anthropomorphic animals, food items, symbols, or icons — marching around your town, please feel free to post a photo, police sketch, or description below!

10 thoughts on “Stranger Than Fiction?

  1. Schuster, you have infected the planet with your costume obsession. Damn you. Now I want to throw burritos (oh, delicious burritos) at unsuspecting people. I may have to go freelance.

  2. That sounds like the best unpaid job ever. In disguise throwing burritos at buildings and people? Sign me up. 🙂

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