Thanks Again to Farley’s!

Thanks once again to Farley’s Books of New Hope, Pennsylvania, for hosting me last weekend! It was a beautiful day, so I got to sit in front of the store and meet a lot of friendly passers by — some of whom even bought my books! Anyone familiar with Farley’s knows that it’s a mainstay in New Hope and a favorite among book lovers. If you’re ever traveling through Bucks County, definitely stop in and browse — and ask for a copy of The Grievers!

Some people aspire to seeing their name in lights, but I was more than happy to see mine in chalk!

10 thoughts on “Thanks Again to Farley’s!

    • Good thing they didn’t try to list the titles… The Grievers would have been fine, but The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl would have completely depleted their chalk supply.

  1. You look so thrilled to be sitting there surrounded by your books. 🙂 Congrats on the signing!

    • Thanks, Kourtney! Yes, it was a thrill to be seated with my books and to meet so many friendly people that day!

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