Art Face Prints

First, thanks to F.P. Dorchak, author of Sleepwalkers, for suggesting the title “Art Face” for the painting I shared in my last post. As promised, I took a shot at making a silkscreen print based on that one. This is only the third time I’ve attempted a silkscreen project, and I was in an experimental mood, so each print is unique. There were 26 in all, but here’s a sampling of my favorites.


7 thoughts on “Art Face Prints

  1. awesome prints! i’ve never tried it myself! we were hoping to incorporate silkscreen printing into our art class last year, but didn’t have time. we most focused on clay projects and the potting wheel.

  2. Thank you, sir, for the mention–but I got it from your sequential tagging of the piece (as is done in this one), which just struck me as apropos! :-] And, pardon the pun, but I’m rather drawn to the bottom middle one.

    But, they’re all so COOL! Way to go, Marc!

  3. Thanks for the compliments, everyone! (Just got back from a short vacation and am catching up on my correspondence.)

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