Finger Painting

One thing I didn’t mention about “Art Face” was that I finger-painted it. That’s actually my preferred mode of painting, largely because I don’t like cleaning my brushes. Here’s another portrait I finger-painted. I did this one last June.

7 thoughts on “Finger Painting

  1. I can paint with words all day, but have never been able to get what I see in my mind on paper. Pencils, pens, watercolors, oil paints…nothing. I can’t draw a tree, even my stick figures are questionable. I haven’t tried finger paints though. Maybe I should give them a try. Your “Art Face” takes finder painting to a whole new level. Great detail!

  2. That’s amazing. I love the colors and the shading. LOL, I’d hate the cleaning up aspect of brushes too. I’m a minimalist when it comes to cleaning. 😉

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