Thanks to The Los Angeles Review!

Just a brief but extremely heartfelt note of thanks to Joe Ponepinto for a glowing and perceptive review of The Grievers in The Los Angeles Review. And when you’re done reading the review, check out Joe’s ruminations on the difference between literary and commercial fiction — and why it’s a good thing that discerning readers care about more than the number of copies a book has sold!


10 thoughts on “Thanks to The Los Angeles Review!

  1. Thanks for the promos, Marc. Glad you liked the review. I was very impressed by the depth of the writing in The Grievers and am sure other readers will be too. Wishing you much success with it.

  2. I am reading The Grievers and I love it. These characters are so real that sometimes, I find myself talking to them in my mind as I read – very few books do that for me. I sometimes want to slap a few of them too, but this is good because that means that they got to my core and are provoking a reaction. If you have not read The Grievers, do because you will enjoy it very much.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the book — and wishing you could slap some of the characters!

  3. I just finished it–excellent piece of writing. You have a distinct voice and you managed to write with humor and with poignant feeling.

    • Ha! Thanks, Gabe! I’m going on vacation for a week, so I’ll work on my a-hole while I’m gone. (That probably sounds even odder!)

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