12 thoughts on “Two Paintings

  1. Interesting. You have been busy. The first reminds me of a student pondering the title and wanting to use the “Magic Colon”. You use a lot of red and yellows in your paintings. I wonder what that means?

  2. Good pictures, they seem to depict a waiting for something the telephone call,or an answer to a question, a time of pondering, the second I think is waiting for a TV programme to come on or to see that certain someone and is getting older as he does it, maybe he is looking for perfection and keeps peaking in the door to see if it is there, or maybe it is the person that checks on you to make sure you are doing what you say you are.They can mean so many different things to different people, I hope what I have put helps you.

  3. Love them. Yes, the first one reminded me of a student doing homework, and the second one I find intriguing, creepy, and unsettling. But that is what art is supposed to do – make you feel. Good paintings.

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