2paragraphs: an interesting site

Just a quick note to say that I recently discovered an interesting site called 2paragraphs. Launched earlier this month, the site offers articles on books, culture, sports and other topics that are always two paragraphs long. Of course, I may be a little biased in my assessment of the site, as they were kind enough to run a profile on me, but I do think it’s a website worth checking out.

8 thoughts on “2paragraphs: an interesting site

      • I can only guess! That’s why I’m not going to challenge you to catch up on my blog (busy busy – Discworld Convention and various other things)!

        Would this 2paragraphs thing be any use to an Epilepsy Media Volunteer like myself? I was going to check it out later 🙂

      • Quite possibly. It’s definitely worth checking out. You might be able to contribute a two-paragraph piece on epilepsy.

      • There’s an idea! I was filmed for a documentary just before the Convention, so that gives me some credence. Thanks 🙂

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