Local Critters (Bucks County, PA)

I shot these photos from the luxury of my in-laws’ sun room using my father-in-law’s telescopic lens.

Heron IIHeron1Heron3FoxFox2


13 thoughts on “Local Critters (Bucks County, PA)

  1. Herons? In Bucks County? I didn’t know! GORGEOUS!!!!
    We have numerous foxes here (mid-Delco), but I don’t think we have enough water in the immediate area for herons. Maybe a few miles away where there are lakes.

    • Thank you! When I first spotted the fox through the telescope, it was sitting so still that I wondered if it was a lawn ornament! Then it moved, and I knew it was real.

  2. Beautiful shots,Marc!

    A few years ago I’d actually spotted some PELICANs flying around in interior Colorado. Wife and I were driving to Buena Vista, CO, and pulled over so I could take pictures of them. Never expected to see pelicans in this arid state, but, apparently, the American White Pelican does frequent the western states.

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