“Babylon Revisited” Notes

Thanks to my student Colton Bamford for capturing these (surprisingly tidy) notes on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Babylon Revisited.”

Babylon Revisited

Money is volatile. It can evaporate quickly… but it can also reshape reality.


12 thoughts on ““Babylon Revisited” Notes

  1. Interesting. On this topic of money, this made me think about the difference between our man-made currency, and the “natural currency” that the ancients used – gold, silver, precious stones … It all shaped reality through history; however, in the end (and I think we are seeing this today and will see more of it) when financial/currency systems weaken and fall, people go back to the value of “natural currency,” as we are seeing these days, with the hoarding of gold and silver that is going on. Many years ago, in one of his books, Robert Kiyosaki predicted that the dollar and other systems would weaken, and that people should start collecting gold and silver. He has been doing that, having a huge warehouse full of these metals. And now, many years later, here we are. Like you say, money is volatile, but it has driven civilizations since our creation, and has given birth to the world that we live in today.

  2. Just read the links, and wow, the Yap story is so cool. Thank you for sharing. I’ve seen a lot of bartering going on these days (Craigslist). The way the economy is going, God knows what we will end up trading, LOL.

  3. Holy crap … I’m fascinated by this! And I really like those pigs – did you really draw those?? Well done – no pun intended there … I mean I do prefer to eat my bacon well done … OK … I’m leaving now …

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