I’m toying with the idea of starting a podcast… That’s actually all I have at the moment. I don’t really have a focus in mind, other than wanting to interview people in the arts. Of course, I’m defining “the arts” broadly enough to include anything that holds my interest, and there’s a decent chance that I’ll be asking one or two readers of this blog to be guests sometime in the future. Assuming, of course, I ever get the project off the ground.

If anyone out there has experience with podcasting, I’d appreciate any thoughts or advice you might have to share. Also, my podcast needs a name. Any suggestions?

12 thoughts on “Podcast?

  1. I will certainly follow if you run with the idea, but I have no clue as how that works. Name suggestion and following the Abominations name I would call it Anathemas. Or totally the opposite – something like Dr. Virtuoso …

  2. My friend Jon Zech has been podcasting for a month or so and is loving it. He reads flash fiction and is consistently in the top 10% at Podomatic. Of course, he has a wonderful reading voice. I can ask him if he has any tips.

  3. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I have toyed with the idea of doing a podcast myself. Right now there is simply not enough time in my day or rather everything that occupies said time is more important to me than working on a podcast. As a suggestion, if you have a few podcasts you listen to and enjoy I would contact the people who make them and ask them their setup and how they do the producing. Just like writing podcasters are very supportive and wanting to help anyone in their craft.

  4. Hey Marc,
    It’s Kerri from Montco. I would be happy to help with your podcast (I could record it, mix it, etc). I will be working my new job M-F 9-5, but I will now have weekends off. Please email me at kerrihughes24@gmail.com and we can see how I can be off assistance. Also how are you? I ran into Tom at the Peter Murphy concert. Small world eh?


  5. Hey, Marc . . . we’ll, I’d certainly listen! Coincidentally, I’ve also thought about starting a podcast, but have done nothing with the idea. I suppose having a topic to focus on would help!

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