Form 28

My short story “Form 28” is now up at the Ampersand Review. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Form 28

  1. This is insane; love it! Believe it or not, someone told me this once (part of a training) – “If it is not documented it does not exist.” And you won’t believe that this actually happened to a friend who was trying to pay his mom’s utility bill in person (Mom was sick – another country). The person in charge told him to please take a number. He said that there was no one there. She insisted and he did, then took a seat. She proceeded to call numbers (?) until his turn. Not sure where the other numbers came from. He complained, and she responded – “I am just following the rules, sir.” This is why I said it was insane but a perfect satire of our society (satire or reality?). I enjoyed it much, could not stop reading.

    • Wow… That’s a crazy story, but at the same time, curiously not surprising! I’m so glad you enjoyed “Form 28.”

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