New Painting & Upcoming Events

Here’s a painting I just finished working on:


Also, here are a few events I have coming up this week:

  • 1.23.14: I will be reading select passages from Morrissey’s Autobiography between sets at the 18th Pale Descendents‘ Smiths Social upstairs at Philadelphia’s Trocadero.

10 thoughts on “New Painting & Upcoming Events

    • For some reason, I’ve been thinking about birds dressed as people for a long time. Then I read a magazine article about the extinction of the passenger pigeon, and I was struck by the illustrations of some of the birds — particularly their bright red eyes. Since I hadn’t painted anything since September, I thought I’d try for something whimsical and fun.

      • PS: When I was a child, I was very disappointed to learn that the movie Birdman of Alcatraz was not about an actual bird-man.

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