The Virtue of Being a Dilettante

Here’s a link to a short piece on writing (or not writing, as the case may be) I wrote for The First Day: “Taking a Break (or The Virtue of Being a Dilettante.”

Man in the Mirror

Man in the Mirror


10 thoughts on “The Virtue of Being a Dilettante

  1. The thing about writing—nay everything else, where Humans are involved—is that everyone has so many opinions, therefore-and-ergo, leading into the creation of rules. If you only feel the need to write once every two years, or every day, do what your energy is directing you to do, what is flowing through you. It doesn’t make you any better nor any worse. You’re a lucky dude to be able to compose music, paint, AND write.

    Oh, AND you’re a college professor?

    AND you have a close-and-personal relationship with another human (wife)?

    Marc, you have nothing to feel ashamed about! Enjoy your life! Before you know it, you’re twice the age your are now….

    • Thanks, Frank! I agree. No shame here, and I’m happy to be focusing my energies on something other than writing at the moment.

  2. Great post, Marc. Love your honesty. It does seem like a fine balancing act between pushing when you’re not feeling inspired and achieving your goals. Feeling guilty about not writing every single day, I think, also doesn’t help creativity.

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