David Bowie

I can remember hearing David Bowie on the radio the summer I turned ten and thinking he sounded really cool—like, literally, cool, as if he were made of ice. I loved the “And if you say run…” bridge on “Let’s Dance” (“And tremble like a…………… FLOWER!”) and the manic cry of “I’ll give you a man who wants to rule the world” on “China Girl” (though at the time I thought the line was “I’ll give you man o’wars to rule the world”).

Even then, I identified with the opening line of “Modern Love”: “I don’t want to go out, I just want to stay in and get things done.” And the idea of standing in the rain and never saying bye-bye? Ten-year-old me was like, “Yeah, man. That’s life.”

And that was before I found out about Ziggy Stardust.

5 thoughts on “David Bowie

  1. It’s an extremely sad day. I’m glad my husband woke me when the news broke so I didn’t have to find out via Facebook. He was, and is, my lifelong hero, equal to Freddie Mercury.

  2. I remember clearly 1972 my friend Tina bought me Ziggy Stardust on 8 tract tape!! I thought it was so cool…Millie

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