“Obstacle” by The Droids

I love Electronic Dance Music, but I sometimes worry that it overshadows other forms of electronic music. Case in point: the curiously organic electronic sounds of the DROiDS. Their music blends analog synths with more traditional instruments. I’m pretty sure those are real drums on “Obstacle” (the track below), but even if they’re not, by moving beyond the four-on-the-floor beats of EDM, the DROiDs remove us from the pounding rhythms of day-to-day life and deliver us to a quirkier, jazzier state of mind. Which isn’t to say that the band doesn’t rock when the occasion calls for it. After you’ve listened to “Obstacle,” check out the grinding, gritty blues of “Dive.” Offering a cross between Depeche Mode’s most recent work on Spirit and the classic synth-driven rock of Gary Numan and Tubeway Army, the DROiDs bring heart and soul to electronic pop.



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