Beyond the Maze: An Interview with Astronauts of Antiquity

Listening to Astronauts of Antiquity is like stepping into a potential not-too-distant future right out of Black Mirror or a darker episode of Doctor Who. Take their hip-hop flavored 2016 single “Paradise” featuring rapper Deploi, for example. Strong beats and catchy hooks give way to a vision of a dystopian paradise where profits take precedence…Read more Beyond the Maze: An Interview with Astronauts of Antiquity

“Sickle/Hammer” by Spirits

First, big thanks to Tim Whale at Emerging Indie Bands for his kind words regarding my EP, Garden Variety! Among those kind words are "honesty," "vitality," and "delight" (and the rest are good words, too!). But enough about me for a moment. Here's a new track from a band that I'm enjoying... Maybe I'm betraying…Read more “Sickle/Hammer” by Spirits

Artist Spotlight – Marc Schuster

Big thanks to James Revels at AudioSeXXX (Eargasms found here!) for sharing “Fuzzy Logic”!

Audio SeXXX

Today I am featuring a Mr. Marc Schuster. He reached out in an email and I checked out his tune “Fuzzy Logic” I like the energy of the track, particularly the guitar riffs. I was listening to it while prepping for work and It like I was getting ready to go on a mission. Definitely worth a listen. Here’s a little more about Mr. Schuster.

By day, Marc Schuster is a community college English professor. By night, he makes music under the name Zapatero. His latest track, “Fuzzy Logic” is about how people lose their ideals when they give up on picking trash. Read all about it at

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