The Shoot (Part Seven)

The mood in Mike's car is somewhat subdued. Maybe it's because the sudden, scowling apparition of Mike's dad has reminded us all of the feckless nature of today's outing -- and, by extension, of our collective interest in what some might consider less-than-serious pursuits. Or maybe it's because that same apparition is a grim reminder…Read more The Shoot (Part Seven)

The Shoot (Part Five)

Back at the house, Mike is grading papers, which makes sense because he's an English teacher, and English teachers spend every spare minute of the day grading papers. That I'm an English teacher as well makes me wonder if I should have brought some papers along on today's adventure, but Miranda is of the opinion…Read more The Shoot (Part Five)

The Shoot (Part One)

The phone rings at 2PM. The caller ID says it's Miranda. Coincidentally, I'm watching a movie that her husband, Mike, loaned me earlier in the week. The budget was huge, and it isn't very good. "Do you want to shoot a video?" Miranda asks, or words to that effect. "What, like now?" "No. More like…Read more The Shoot (Part One)