International Short Story Day

I always find out about these things long after they've stopped being news, but I'm told that today is International Short Story Day. To celebrate, here are a few links to short story sources you might enjoy: Fiction by D. Thomas Minton Great short stories by a sci-fi writer I've quickly grown to admire! Philadelphia…Read more International Short Story Day

Schwartz & Packer Interviewed!

Big thanks to Dan Cafaro of Atticus Books for an inventive interview with two of the most colorful characters from The Grievers, Charley  Schwartz and Greg Packer! I'm a huge fan of the titles that Atticus has produced, especially The Snow Whale, The Great Lenore, and Fight for Your Long Day. I was also blown…Read more Schwartz & Packer Interviewed!

Of Possible Interest

First, big thanks to Lavinia Ludlow for a lovely review of The Grievers in The Nervous Breakdown. Ludlow writes, among other things, "Schuster has an amazing sophomore novel on his hands. His writing has matured; he’s fine-tuned his approach and can effectively drive a story from start to finish with subtle tactics and engaging characterizations." Also,…Read more Of Possible Interest

Putting One Word After Another: An Interview with Joseph M. Schuster

Not too long ago, I mentioned that I stumbled upon a book by another Schuster -- The Might Have Been by Joseph M. Schuster. Given the coincidence of our last names, idle curiosity drove me to read it. Once I picked it up, however, Schuster's writing wouldn't let me put the book down. Touching on…Read more Putting One Word After Another: An Interview with Joseph M. Schuster