How to Tell a Griever from a Griever

Apparently I'm not the only author with Grievers on the brain. Unbeknownst to me--at least while I was writing The Grievers--fantasy author James Dashner was creating his own Grievers, a race of slug-like creatures with metal appendages that appear in his 2009 novel The Maze Runner. In order to spare readers any confusion that might…Read more How to Tell a Griever from a Griever

A Kind of Jesus Figure

Here's another passage I had to cut from The Grievers when I changed Charley's job from being a teacher to being a human dollar sign. Of course, I probably would have cut this passage regardless. I think it's a little to "meta," since Charley and his students are discussing his life as if it's a…Read more A Kind of Jesus Figure

The Teaching Assistant

Here's another passage that didn't make the cut because it was a little too close to my own life. I also wasn't entirely enamored with the use of "you" in this one. It struck me as if the narrator were trying uncharacteristically hard to be chummy with the reader. The Teaching Assistant The only reason…Read more The Teaching Assistant