The Shoot (Part Nine)

“Maybe we should just call it a day,” Mike says. “No,” Miranda says flatly. “We need more material.” “It’s too dark to shoot now,” Mike says, raising a hand to the sky. “The sun’s been setting for the past hour.” “It isn’t setting,” Miranda says as if she can reverse time through sheer tyranny of…Read more The Shoot (Part Nine)

The Shoot (Part Eight)

The bearded man's name is Drago. He says he used to be a conflagrationist but hasn't really kept up with it lately. A conflagrationist, it turns out, is distinct from an arsonist in that the former needs to build something before setting it on fire whereas the latter only burns things that previously existed. The…Read more The Shoot (Part Eight)

The Shoot (Part Seven)

The mood in Mike's car is somewhat subdued. Maybe it's because the sudden, scowling apparition of Mike's dad has reminded us all of the feckless nature of today's outing -- and, by extension, of our collective interest in what some might consider less-than-serious pursuits. Or maybe it's because that same apparition is a grim reminder…Read more The Shoot (Part Seven)

The Shoot (Part Six)

In case you're wondering, Mocha is a Morkie -- part Maltese and part Yorkie. The main benefit of mixing the two breeds is that it produces a five-pound dog with the lung capacity of a right whale. That's my working theory, anyway, as Mocha takes a breath and then commences to bark nonstop at his…Read more The Shoot (Part Six)

The Shoot (Part One)

The phone rings at 2PM. The caller ID says it's Miranda. Coincidentally, I'm watching a movie that her husband, Mike, loaned me earlier in the week. The budget was huge, and it isn't very good. "Do you want to shoot a video?" Miranda asks, or words to that effect. "What, like now?" "No. More like…Read more The Shoot (Part One)