The Liars Club Oddcast #032 | Marc Schuster, Musician & Writer

Yet again, another month has gotten by me without a post on my blog! Here’s a link to a recent interview I did on the Liars Club Oddcast… A splendid time was had by all!

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Could you walk away from writing novels cold turkey mid-career? Marc opens up about what led him to let go of one dream to embrace another.  An honest, thought-provoking episode.

Check out this episode of The Liars Club Oddcast!

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“Front of the Line”

I've been doing a bit of recording over the past few weeks. Here's a really short one. My goal was to keep it under a minute--and to make the track sound like something I would have recorded with one of the bands I was in back in high school. Not sure if I'll include it…Read more “Front of the Line”

James Revels III: The (Renaissance) Man with the Plan!

To put it simply, James Revels III is a renaissance man. Across multiple blogs – including The Evolution of Eloquence, Pyromaniac Productions, AudioSeXXX, and James Revels Composer – the Dayton, Ohio, native’s mission is to showcase a wide range of creative materials from such diverse fields as science, art, math, music, and writing from young creators. He’s also an accomplished…Read more James Revels III: The (Renaissance) Man with the Plan!