The Shoot (Part Three)

The dog keeps barking -- or yipping, or maybe just squeaking at top volume --  as Miranda says she thought I'd just come in the back door like everyone else does. The dog's name is Mocha, and my guess is that he weighs about five pounds. Mike, it turns out, is in the shower, and…Read more The Shoot (Part Three)

The Shoot (Part Two)

Mike and Miranda are good people -- smart, creative, and funny. They're my go-to friends whenever I have an idea that involves music or robots or both -- like the time I asked them to dress up as robots for a show at the historic Old Haverford Friends Meetinghouse or the time they accompanied me…Read more The Shoot (Part Two)

The Shoot (Part One)

The phone rings at 2PM. The caller ID says it's Miranda. Coincidentally, I'm watching a movie that her husband, Mike, loaned me earlier in the week. The budget was huge, and it isn't very good. "Do you want to shoot a video?" Miranda asks, or words to that effect. "What, like now?" "No. More like…Read more The Shoot (Part One)