Android Invasion: States of Wonder

Quick post to say that I've released a new ambient music EP titled States of Wonder. It's free to download... Just click "Get Album" on the following page:

Field Report

Longtime readers of my blog may recall that I started recording electronic music with Android Invasion back in 2012. Recently, several events transpired that led me to return to that on-again-off-again project. For one thing, I read a lot of books about filmmakers over the summer, and I started thinking about how I wanted to…Read more Field Report

Interesting Article

Speaking of "otherworldly" music (as I did a couple of days ago), here's a link to an interesting New Yorker article by Alex Ross I read on an odd music venue in Rangely, Colorado: The venue is a giant water tank with unique ambient qualities that some people might describe as spooky. The article…Read more Interesting Article

Exploring Earth Magic with Gravers Lane

Listening to Gravers Lane is like stepping into a spooky dreamscape reminiscent of Martin Gore’s solo work or Julee Cruise’s songs on the original Twin Peaks soundtrack. Lush synth pads coupled with a strong lead vocal combine to tear holes in day-to-day reality and reveal something—perhaps sinister, perhaps inspiring—shimmering on the other side of quotidian…Read more Exploring Earth Magic with Gravers Lane

Life at the Pace of Objects – Remastered!

First, let me say that I've always hated when my favorite recording artists issue remastered versions of LPs and CDs I've already purchased. Earlier this year, I bought Morrissey's Your Arsenal only to see a remastered edition available the following week -- and the remastered version did sound noticeably better. The incident annoyed me to…Read more Life at the Pace of Objects – Remastered!