James Revels III: The (Renaissance) Man with the Plan!

To put it simply, James Revels III is a renaissance man. Across multiple blogs – including The Evolution of Eloquence, Pyromaniac Productions, AudioSeXXX, and James Revels Composer – the Dayton, Ohio, native’s mission is to showcase a wide range of creative materials from such diverse fields as science, art, math, music, and writing from young creators. He’s also an accomplished…Read more James Revels III: The (Renaissance) Man with the Plan!

Chasing Dreams with Laini Colman

Listening to Laini Colman’s self-titled debut album for the first time is like stumbling upon a cache of lost Nico recordings. Like the music of the former Velvet Underground collaborator, Colman’s voice has an exotic, haunting feel, and the album’s production is sweeping and cinematic in scope. Early on, wobbly piano chords and LoFi electronic…Read more Chasing Dreams with Laini Colman

What I’ve Been Up to Lately (Mr Xquisite, pt. 1)

It's that time of year again... School's out in a few weeks, and my mind is turning toward creative projects I'll want to tackle over the summer. Right now, I have two in mind. The first is a short work of nonfiction about a fairly obscure album by a legendary band that I've always been…Read more What I’ve Been Up to Lately (Mr Xquisite, pt. 1)

Serving the Story: An Interview with Keir Politz

Episode two of my podcast is now available. This time around, I begin with an interview I conducted with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator and star Rob McElhenney circa 1997 and then interview independent filmmaker and Philadelphia native Keir Politz about his new movie, Detonator, which the Village Voice described as one of the…Read more Serving the Story: An Interview with Keir Politz

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I topped off my spring break with a visit to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Though I imagine most people probably think of Amish farm country when they picture Lancaster County, the city of Lancaster is developing the hip vibe of an artists' colony. While the fact that the Lancaster Convention Center was hosting an anime/comic book/sci-fi convention…Read more Lancaster, Pennsylvania