The Shoot (Part Nine)

“Maybe we should just call it a day,” Mike says. “No,” Miranda says flatly. “We need more material.” “It’s too dark to shoot now,” Mike says, raising a hand to the sky. “The sun’s been setting for the past hour.” “It isn’t setting,” Miranda says as if she can reverse time through sheer tyranny of…Read more The Shoot (Part Nine)

But How Does It Sound?

A few days ago, I posted a brief review of my newest guitar, a Tagima Woodstock TW61. Today I was fooling around a bit and recorded the following demo to give you an idea of what it sounds like. I'm playing the guitar through a Behringer V-Amp 2 on the Tweed Amp setting with a…Read more But How Does It Sound?

Track-by-Track: “Don’t Let It Go”

So far, "Don't Let It Go" is the track from Thank You for Holding that has gotten the most compliments. Not sure if that's because there's no singing on it or because people like the guitar playing... Hmm... In any case, this instrumental started as a fairly long jam that I recorded with -- I…Read more Track-by-Track: “Don’t Let It Go”

Someone Upstairs/Reading at Rosemont

Here's a new piece of music I've been working on. I call it "Someone Upstairs" because part of it sounds like someone walking around upstairs... which was kind of spooky when I was working on this track alone in my basement at night!   Also, I'll be doing a reading at Rosemont College on Monday,…Read more Someone Upstairs/Reading at Rosemont