Soft Light Redux (for a good cause!)

Longtime readers of this blog may recall that I recorded a song called "Soft Light" a while back. Today, I'm pleased to announce that I've teamed up with several extremely talented music producers to release eight new versions of the song! The producers are all students in my colleague Jen Mitlas's music production course at…Read more Soft Light Redux (for a good cause!)

MCCC on the Air Interview

Huge thanks to Michele Cuomo for interviewing me on Montgomery County Community College on the Air! In this interview, I talk about music, teaching, writing, the Beatles' White Album, my new book about the Beach Boys, and my good friend Tom Powers. I also share a demo of asong I've been working on, "Someday Soon."…Read more MCCC on the Air Interview

Where I Work

Big thanks to Matt Porter, Senior Producer and Technical Services Manager at Montgomery County Community College, for filming and editing this short video about my experience as a student in the college's Sound Recording and Music Technology Program. It's an excellent program for anyone interested in learning the art of music production or who…Read more Where I Work

Teaching at a Community College: A Fulfilling Career

A student recently emailed to say that she was concerned about her future and that she wasn't sure about the career path she wanted to take. One of her concerns, she said, was making money, but she also wanted to be happy. Maybe, she suggested, I could assign an essay on the topic of careers…Read more Teaching at a Community College: A Fulfilling Career