Make Things Happen: Writing Tips from an Eight-Year-Old

In the latest episode of my podcast, a misunderstanding leads me to interview an award-winning eight-year-old author and her younger sister. Later, their father reveals how his own childhood trauma has informed their creativity. The younger sister then rounds things off by explaining how to make pot holders. The episode ends with a musical remix…Read more Make Things Happen: Writing Tips from an Eight-Year-Old

New Story in Apiary

Regular readers of my blog may recall a recording of a short story of mine titled "Madrid" that I posted back in March after a live reading with my friends Tim Simmons and Dave Calamaro. Today I'm pleased to announce that the text of  "Madrid" is now available from Apiary magazine for your reading pleasure. Needless…Read more New Story in Apiary

Public Displays of Affectation

In addition to working on my own writing, I've been helping my friend Shaun Haurin with a collection of short stories titled Public Displays of Affectation. It's the last book I'll be working on for PS Books, and I've had a hand in almost all aspects of the production -- working with Shaun on the…Read more Public Displays of Affectation

A Classroom Visit

Last week, I had the privilege of fielding some questions from the students in a colleague's Women in Literature course. They were reading "My Life as an Abomination," a short story in which a young woman explores her sexual identity. (It's also where I got the title for this blog!) The questions the students asked…Read more A Classroom Visit

Shot of Fiction with Your Coffee?

I've been a fan of Kristen Solecki's art ever since it started appearing in Philadelphia Stories magazine a few years back. In fact, I'm such a fan that I asked if I could use one of her pieces for the cover of To Befriend a Fox, a collection of poetry by the late Richard Pearce…Read more Shot of Fiction with Your Coffee?

More Than Just a Drinking Game

Let’s get it out in the open: Don DeLillo’s The Angel Esmerelda makes for a great drinking game. If you take a shot every time a character in this collection reaches in vain for a word or ponders its origins, you’ll be on the floor in no time.* “What is it that smells so fantastic?”…Read more More Than Just a Drinking Game