On this, the 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan show, I thought I'd share a comedy sketch that I wrote for The Madhouse Theater Company, and which they performed last month at Montgomery County Community College. (Frank Gorshin, in case you're wondering, was an impressionist who appeared on the Ed Sullivan…Read more Gorshinmania!

We’re Not Selling…

For anyone who, like me, can't make it out to the Madhouse Theater show tonight, here's the script for one my skits they'll be performing. It's called "We're Not Selling," and, well, you can probably figure out what I'm satirizing... We’re Not Selling… Don is a seasoned Madison Avenue advertising executive. Peter is his protégé.…Read more We’re Not Selling…

A Week of Sketches: Whatever

Hmm... This is actually the last of the sketches I wrote for Madhouse, so calling this "A Week of Sketches" may have been a little bit generous on my part. Oh well... WHATEVER The setting: a stage. Major characters include a director, a writer named Barry, and an actor named Todd. Other actors mill about,…Read more A Week of Sketches: Whatever

A Week of Sketches: Holiday Soup

Years ago, I used to watch General Hospital religiously. Not so much for the show itself, but for the ongoing war between Campbell's soup and Progresso that raged every day during the commercial break. Basically, every commercial made it sound like you were some kind of moral degenerate if you ate the other company's soup.…Read more A Week of Sketches: Holiday Soup

A Week of Sketches: The Pledge Drive

Last week, my local public radio station launched its latest pledge drive, and it reminded of a comedy sketch I wrote for my friends from the Madhouse Theater group a few years ago. The sketch was called (in case you haven't guessed) "The Pledge Drive" and was about (predictably enough) a pledge drive. After that,…Read more A Week of Sketches: The Pledge Drive