Billy Joel Was Right!

I'm not sure how old I was when I heard Billy Joel's "The Entertainer" for the first time, but I distinctly remember taking note of the part where he sings that it took him years to write his latest song and that although they were the best years of his life, the song ran too…Read more Billy Joel Was Right!

Where I Work

Big thanks to Matt Porter, Senior Producer and Technical Services Manager at Montgomery County Community College, for filming and editing this short video about my experience as a student in the college's Sound Recording and Music Technology Program. It's an excellent program for anyone interested in learning the art of music production or who…Read more Where I Work

Surprise! 125 Additional Instrument Patches in Alesis Nitro Drum Module

I've had my Alesis Nitro electronic drum kit for about a year now, and I recently discovered that it's more than just a drum kit. It's also a synth module with 125 different voices. In case you're wondering, here's what the kit looks like: It's an entry-level kit without many bells and/or whistles (not even…Read more Surprise! 125 Additional Instrument Patches in Alesis Nitro Drum Module

Is Music Getting Louder?

Shopping at Kohl's is always a dodgy proposition for many reasons, not the least of which is that I feel like the music playing overhead is assaulting me whenever I'm there. Though saying so may put me in the category of "cranky old man," I can't help feeling that the music in that store is…Read more Is Music Getting Louder?

Wherefore M. Zapatero?

As you may have noticed, my last few blog posts have included music attributed to M. Zapatero. It's a name I've been thinking about using for a dozen years or so, ever since I found out that Zapatero is (more or less) Spanish for Schuster. I like the name for several reasons, one of which…Read more Wherefore M. Zapatero?