Tagima Woodstock TW 61: First Impressions

I've been wearing the Elvis Costello glasses (and sometimes even the scarf and hat) for a few years now, so I figured it was about time to add his guitar to my ensemble. The only problem is that the guitar in question (a Fender Jazzmaster) costs more than I can justify spending given my tenuous…Read more Tagima Woodstock TW 61: First Impressions

The Accidental Guitar, Pt. II

Mystery kind of solved with respect to my guitar. The seller responded to my query and apologized for sending me the 12-string when I ordered the six-string. Also, they said that it is, in fact, a 3/4 scale guitar and also apologized for not mentioning that in the description. They offered to exchange it for…Read more The Accidental Guitar, Pt. II