To Do…

My initial plan for today was to post a video of last night's reading at Rosemont College per H. Conrad Miller's request, but I spent so much time getting establishing shots of the beautiful old mansion where the reading was being held that the camera's battery died thirty seconds into my piece. So in lieu…Read more To Do…

A Setback Circa 2004

I was paging through an old journal recently, and I found the following entry: August 14, 2004: Well, it's beginning to look like I'll have to publish The Grievers on my own. We came home today after house-sitting for my uncle, and there were eleven or twelve rejections in the mail. These were the results…Read more A Setback Circa 2004

A Conversation with Charles Holdefer

Charles Holdefer is the author of four novels and has also published many short stories, articles, and reviews. His previous novel, The Contractor (2007), was praised as “stylish, fiercely funny and frightening” (Kirkus) and as “a compelling mix of thriller, psychodrama and political commentary" (Booklist, starred review). My full review of the book can be…Read more A Conversation with Charles Holdefer

A Week of Sketches: Whatever

Hmm... This is actually the last of the sketches I wrote for Madhouse, so calling this "A Week of Sketches" may have been a little bit generous on my part. Oh well... WHATEVER The setting: a stage. Major characters include a director, a writer named Barry, and an actor named Todd. Other actors mill about,…Read more A Week of Sketches: Whatever

Going X-Rated!

A quick word of thanks to my friend and colleague, Monica D'Antonio, for interviewing me on her blog, X-Rated.* I've been a big fan of X-Rated for as long as Monica has been blogging. She's smart and funny and offers excellent commentary on pop culture, teaching, and politics, so I was very pleased to have…Read more Going X-Rated!